Golf Course Melbourne

  • Graham Marsh Golf Course Design
  • 18 holes
  • 6,577m
  • Par 72

Course Design & Tour

Located conveniently 40 minutes West of Melbourne’s CBD, Eynesbury has one of the best golf courses in Melbourne. Designed by the legendary Graham Marsh, it has been strategically created to accommodate the widest range of golfing abilities and allow for the greatest variance of prevailing weather conditions. The generously propositioned fairways and inviting targets however positional play from the tees will always be handsomely rewarded by providing the best angle of attack to the greens.

In most instances the approaches to the greens are receptive to a ball being played low to the ground and for the creative shot maker this will prove to be a bonus when the wind is whipping across the open farmlands.

The open creeks traversing a number of the holes and the water bodies on the 10th, 14th and 18th bring the risk reward factor aspect of the game to the forefront but always allow for alternative.

For those looking to perfect their golfing technique, Eynesbury Golf also has a driving range and offers golf lessons with our head teaching professional.

Golf Course Tour

Get up close and personal with the Course. The below hole-by-hole Tour outlines in intimate detail every aspect of the Course, it’s design features and the best way to play each hole.



Hole 1

Silos 353m
Homestead 331m
Woolshed 321m
Woodhouse 302m

A medium length par 4 to start the round. Even though the landing area is generous, an accurate tee shot is required to the centre of the fairway for the best approach to a well guarded green. Long hitters need to be wary of the small target bunker at the end of the dog leg left. Two gentle ridges divide the green into three distinct pin positions. Combine this with the bunkers on both sides and the first will play as a much more difficult hole than first thought.

Hole 2

Silos 349m
Homestead 341m
Woolshed 333m
Woodhouse 312m

Although similar in length and angle to the first hole, this hole sets up very differently from the tee. The landing area offers plenty of room out to the right, however this will leave you with a difficult approach shot across the creek to a small green moving away from you left to right. The attacking line with your drive is over the bunkers down the left side of the hole. This angle will give you the best approach into the well guarded green.

Hole 3

Silos 177m
Homestead 174m
Woolshed 166m
Woodhouse 135m

By having the left bunker well short of the green, this hole will deceive many players into coming up one club short. Great variety in the tees will provide different angles into the green each time you play. Subtle green contours will make this a very difficult green to read.

Hole 4

Silos 460m
Homestead 443m
Woolshed 431m
Woodhouse 415m

Reach into your bag and pull out your canon because at 460 metres this par 4 will be recognized as one of the toughest in the game. Your only chance to conquer this hole is to tee up high and fly the ball over the left fairway carry bunker. From here you’re faced with yet another daunting slightly uphill shot over the centre fairway bunker which partially hides the green. The green is set up diagonally to play with bunkering front right and back left. The front section of the putting surface is receptive to a good approach shot.

Hole 5

Silos 517m
Homestead 492m
Woolshed 481m
Woodhouse 456m

A long tee shot flirting with the bunker on the right side of the fairway sets up the best opportunity to carry up onto the raised fairway at the second landing area. From here the green approach is very open. A swale divides the green, so ensure your approach is accurate as a putt across this swale will be very challenging.

Hole 6

Silos 390m
Homestead 369m
Woolshed 351m
Woodhouse 343m

Your tee shot on this hole is very deceiving. Keep your tee shot close to the bunker on the left. Do not be tricked into allowing your ball to go too far left and short of the bunker as your view to the green will be completely blocked out. The long hitter must be careful not to go through the fairway and into the bunker on the outside of the dog leg as a long bunker shot is required to the green. The green is well guarded by three bunkers and has a strong step up to the back right pin placement.

Hole 7

Silos 494m
Homestead 480m
Woolshed 468m
Woodhouse 457m

The ideal tee shot is to the raised section of fairway as close as possible to the right side bunker. From here the golfer is faced with many choices. Strong players can take on the hazards and carry up to the green. Those not so confident can either lay up short of the fairway bunker or just past, leaving a short chip to the well bunkered green. Just be wary of the left side lake. Although not really coming into play, it will catch the wayward second shot.

Hole 8

Silos 160m
Homestead 160m
Woolshed 153m
Woodhouse 118m

An exciting par three with great variety in tee locations to change the line of play each time. The creek along the left side of the golf hole is lined with native grasses and frames the hole beautifully. The heavy contouring and bunkering on the green approach will put a premium on club selection. Even though the raised green is only bunkered on the right, a shot just off the left edge will result in your ball rolling down into the steep swale away from the green, leaving you with a tricky chip shot back up.

Hole 9

Silos 413m
Homestead 402m
Woolshed 384m
Woodhouse 360m

This is a strong dog leg right golf hole to finish the front nine. If you decide to take on the inside bunker, make it a good tee shot as there is a second bunker hidden directly beyond the first. From here you will have the best line into the green. Take care getting your ball to the back left pin as it is well guarded by a bunker cut tight into the green. The green raises up strongly to the back left pin placement and a mound supporting the left bunker can partially block you out if you come up short, left of the green.

Hole 10

Silos 527m
Homestead 517m
Woolshed 497m
Woodhouse 474m

A firm test of golf to start the second nine. Before choosing your second shot, look for the pin location and decide whether or not to take the creek on. The green is strongly guarded on the right so if the pin is tucked in back right it may be wise to lay up left before the creek. This will let you attack the pin on your 3rd shot.

Hole 11

Silos 188m
Homestead 182m
Woolshed 169m
Woodhouse 151m

A bunker at the start of the fairway will make distance judgment and club selection difficult. A very strong ridge line snakes from the back of this approach bunker to the centre of the green clearly dividing the putting surface into two distinct zones. Accuracy to the heavily bunkered green is paramount as to be on the wrong side of the green is to be in three putt territory.

Hole 12

Silos 348m
Homestead 326m
Woolshed 317m
Woodhouse 273m

To attack this hole you must take on the inside bunker cut into the raised landing area. The not so courageous may choose to hit right to the shortest carry point of the raised section leaving a longer approach to the green. The left side of the green is ridged to fall both to the front and back. Accuracy is also required to avoid the deep grassy hollows to the left of the green. The right pin position is very tight and guarded with a large bunker.

Hole 13

Silos 312m
Homestead 290m
Woolshed 277m
Woodhouse 254m

It may only measure 312 metres from the back tee, but a large bunker left and a creek dividing the landing area from the green on the right means you need an accurate tee shot. The stronger players can attack the green by carrying across the creek to a very tight fairway just short of the green. Even though the second shot is very short, the postage stamp green has several difficult pin placements and is bunkered to all corners.

Hole 14

Silos 420m
Homestead 404m
Woolshed 383m
Woodhouse 353m

It is not only the length that makes this one of the most difficult holes on the course with water and a rocky creek on the right for almost the full length of the golf hole. The creek then takes a turn and runs across in front of the green. The front centre of the green is low with both the left and right sections of the green raised up. To attack a left pin position you will have to avoid the bunker cut into the edge of the green. Whilst the right side looks fairly easy for an approach shot to the green, this section has been raised and may cause balls to pull up short. A par here will be well deserved.

Hole 15

Silos 181m
Homestead 169m
Woolshed 161m
Woodhouse 140m

This hole will be one of the most memorable golf holes on the course. The green is surrounded with bunkers at all different angles and lengths with the green falling off to the right into a very deep grassy hollow. The very front edge of the green is folded over a ridge making it difficult to run a ball on. Another ridge snakes it way through the middle making the green fall both left and right. The very back section of the green falls away from play to make for an extremely tough pin placement.

Hole 16

Silos 537m
Homestead 529m
Woolshed 509m
Woodhouse 475m

This is a driver’s hole. The bunker cutting into the left side of the fairway will entice you to take it on. Push it right and the large grassy mound shaped like a catcher’s mitt will swallow up the tee shot. The perfect tee shot from the left side of the fairway will set up a good second shot across the creek either just short of or past the right side bunker at the second landing area. From the right side of the fairway the contours will guide your ball towards the green.

Hole 17

Silos 348m
Homestead 336m
Woolshed 322m
Woodhouse 293m

This medium length hole is littered with bunkers at the landing area making it important to work your tee shot into the ideal landing area to the centre of the fairway. Stay out of the island of tall fescue directly in front of the green or you will wish you brought the “Victa”. If the pin is in the large step up to the back of the green, make sure you get there as anything short will make for a difficult putt.

Hole 18

Silos 403m
Homestead 382m
Woolshed 373m
Woodhouse 339m

The 18th hole is a great way to finish the round. To have your best and last chance of a birdie, carry the creek and stay left hard up against the lake edge. The right bunker will trap any wayward tee shots. From here you are still required to hit an accurate shot to a well guarded green. Gentle contouring of the putting surface will make this a difficult green to read.

Historic Golf Course - Eynesbury Victoria

Eynesbury Golf Course first opened in 2007 and was quickly received as one of the top Golf courses in the Country. In fact, since 2014 it has been voted as one of the top 100 Golf Courses in the country.

The legendary Graham Marsh was commissioned to design the Course, with a brief to have it seamlessly integrate into the Eynesbury community whilst also ensuring it was challenging, accessible and enjoyable for all golf lovers from beginners to professionals. His vision for the Course was perfectly captured when he stated that it is “my hope that those who play Eynesbury will enjoy a memorable golfing experience and at the same time come to appreciate much more of our nation’s heritage and farming history”.

As a key feature of Eynesbury, the Course itself has become part of the lands long standing and colourful history. A history which began millions of years ago with First Nation inhabitants, to it’s pastoral heritage through to today where it has become as a thriving community for over 3000 happy residents.

Features of the Eynesbury Golf Course

The design  

Graham Marsh is a golfing genius, everybody who knows golf knows that. The way he turned a flat piece of farmland into the masterpiece Eynesbury Golf course is today is nothing short of amazing. The overall Course design and the way it integrates features such as the use of creeks that come into play over 10 holes, the bunker positioning and hole shapes, sets the scene for a true golfing challenge.

The location and history  

As the course weaves through the estate of Eynesbury, some say they feel like they’re all alone. With little crossing over between holes and farmland between you and the next, there’s an extraordinary feeling of taking it all in. From sheering sheds, to water wells and numerous heritage listed buildings, it’s hard not to enjoy the views and the history that comes along with Eynesbury Golf Course.

The Challenge  

With the course measuring just under 7,000 metres from the back tee’s, the Graham Marsh design can be a real test. Generous fairways, the bunkering and creek management around the course really require a precision game to keep out of trouble.

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