Eynesbury Golf Policies


Eynesbury Quarter is a privately owned company that provides facilities and services to the public.  Management has the right to refuse the use of its facilities and services without reason. That said, the public are encouraged to responsibly enjoy both the facilities and services at Eynesbury, provided the following conditions are adhered to.

Contact the Golf Shop on 9971 0403

Course Care

Please do:

  • Carry and use sand at all times (hire carts and pull buggies have them supplied; buckets are available should you provide your own pull buggy)
  • Fill divots made in the course of play – this will improve the conditions of the fairways for your next visit!
  • Enter and leave bunkers from the lowest access point – generally the ‘tee’ or ‘fairway’ side of the bunker via a “tongue”
  • Rake your footprints to an even level
  • Once you leave the bunker, throw the rake to the centre of the bunker with the rake head facing the green
  • Repair your plug mark (and those of others if you care enough) when on the green with a pitch repairer
  • Carefully remove and replace the flag into the cup
  • Give way at all times to ground staff
  • Ensure golfers in the group ahead of you are out of range prior to hitting your next shot – give them a chance to leave the green and move on to the next tee before playing your shot

Please do not:

  • Play slow, each hole should take between 10-15 minutes – Aim to keep up with the group in front, and not to keep ahead of the group behind – No one enjoys slow play
  • Walk up, or down, the faces of bunkers – just do not walk on the faces of bunkers
  • Leave divots unfilled with sand
  • Drop the flag stick on the green (hold, or place it on the surface of the green)

Cart Usage

  • Rule 1 – Keep carts to the cart paths and fairways only – do not drive in the rough, including the 1st cut
  • Rule 2 – Keep carts to the cart paths and fairways only – do not drive in the rough, including the 1st cut
  • Rule 3 – Keep carts to the cart paths and fairways only… Get the picture?

Seriously, Golf Carts can make playing golf more relaxing and enjoyable.  However, when misused, carts can create a lot of damage to the golf course, and in some instances, can even hurt users and others.

Click this link to understand why we are so sensitive when it comes to keeping to cart paths and fairways…

Weather Policy

No refund or credit will be given unless the course is deemed unplayable and is closed by management.  If play is temporarily suspended due to excessive water (play may be suspended for a maximum 45 minutes before it is deemed unplayable), players will be directed back onto the course once the suspension is lifted.

It is also vitally important that players maintain a safe level of hydration in extreme heat.  Eynesbury Quarter does not guarantee water will be provided outside the Pro Shop and Homestead.  The drinks cart is often available on weekends and other busy days, however due to Occupational Health and Safety, staff may not be required to work in oppressive heat.

Frost Policy

Golfers will not be permitted to commence their round until management has deemed that frost has sufficiently cleared.  Walking, or driving a cart, on frost may result in damage to the grass plant, especially on greens.  This may not be immediately evident, as the dead grass may only be noticed in several days time.  Irrigation is not the answer.  Irrigation may itself turn to frost.  In any event, irrigation water at Eynesbury is recycled water, and by law four hours must elapse from completion to human contact.

Liquor Licencing Conditions

Eynesbury Quarter operates under a General Licence which authorises the licensee to supply liquor on the licensed premises for consumption on the licensed premises predominantly between 7:00 am and 1:00 am the following morning (exceptions exist), and a Limited Licence which authorises the licensee to supply liquor on the golf course (conditions apply to both licences).

Eynesbury Quarter displays its licences in the Cafe bar adjacent required notices by the Director of Liquor Licensing.  These notices include ‘Intoxication’, ‘No Proof No Entry’, ‘No Proof No Purchase’, and ‘Be Safe in Public Places’.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

Eynesbury Quarter practices Responsible Service of Alcohol, and is committed to ensure alcohol is served responsibly and that a range of non alcoholic beverages are available at all times.

Dress Code


  • Tailored Pant or Short.
  • Collared Shirt
  • Shoes & Socks (soft spike golf shoe only).

House Policy

In brief:

  • Our policy is to serve you in a responsible, friendly and professional manner
  • We encourage you to drink in moderation, particularly if you are driving
  • Staff will not serve any person who is under the age of 18 years, or in a state of intoxication
  • Staff may request proof of age to any patron they deem under the age of 25
  • No patron/visitor/guest to Eynesbury Golf may bring their own alcohol onto the premises without prior written consent from the General Manager/Nominee.